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Our Blue Point British Dam has delivered 4 healthy kittens on February 17th. Of which 3 boys and 1 girl. All 4 of the current kittens were reserved. However, because of the world pandemic affecting us all, one of our customers is unable to leave China due to flight restrictions and decided to move their reservation to the fall litter instead. Thus 1 British shorthair has become available.  If you’re interested in joining the reservation list for the liter expected in the fall or have any specific questions feel free to email, text, or call us at any time 413-519-8768. The price of British kittens is $2,000.


Regarding our Silver Chinchilla Scottish Fold Dam. As of right now she is still enjoying her time off but we are expecting her to go into heat within the next couple weeks and for her kittens to be born middle to late April. We are also waiting for mother nature to take its course. Her kittens will cost $1,600 for Straight and $1,800 for Fold. 5 of her kittens are also reserved at this time. If you have any questions please reach out at any time. We apologize to all who’s been waiting with us and expected her to also deliver at this time as well. However, its part of nature and we are waiting for our vet office to open, hopefully soon, to have her tested to make sure she is healthy and not lacking any vitamins.


We’ve also acquired a Blue Point Scottish Fold Dam. She is currently pregnant and we are expecting her to bring us her first litter around second week of May. Her kittens are available for reservation and at this time have 4 kittens reserved. Contact us if you have any questions.


Updated March 29, 2020

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